A Discord Bot Recruitment Tool for Clash of Clans!

About The Bot

Prefix: cr!
Version: 1.10.1
Owner: Immortal Evil#0001
Lib: Discord.js
Servers: 1500+

Bot Features

The main purpose of this bot is to advertise clans! Along with this, this bot has got few utility functions too! Check them out below!


Clash Recruiter is used as a recruitment tool which would bump the clan and alliance details to different discord servers which are huge!

How to Setup?


Clash Recruiter is used as a utility bot to create interview channels for each recruit and can be closed by the bot too!

How to Setup?


You no longer need to be a techie or a Graphic Designer to make a banner for your clan! With our bot, you can create your own banner for your clan with just few commands!

How to Setup?


Clash Recruiter can help you to find where the recruit was rejected before by this module! It sends the data of where, when, why was the recruit rejected in a server!

How to Setup?


Clash Recruiter is used to showcase a clan in a discord server. It can display your clans’ details in a channel that gets updated every 2 minutes!

How to Showcase?

Benefits of Clash Recruiter

With the use of Clash Recruiter, there are a huge number of benefits to the server and the clan. These benefits are listed on the basis of 100%

Bump Visibility


Latest Bot News

Player Check Module

So, here we go, as I’ve mentioned before about Alliance Module, I am planning to release it on Jan maybe coz it needs a lot of predefined structures and many[…]

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Alliance Support

We have seen a huge number of users coming to us asking to make Alliances (Having more than 1 clan in a server) to bump their servers and make theirs[…]

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Update Release 1.3

Bot is successfully updated to Version 1.3! Interview ChannelsThe new feature that is added is the Interview Module! You can now create Interview Channels for each recruit by typing, cr!interview[…]

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These are the servers who support us by helping us for the growth of Clash Recruiter.

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Our Team

Immortal Evil


A 23 year old javascript enthusiast. He spends most days developing bot code to achieve peak functionality and performance.


Bot Developer

A 24 year old Engineer who prefers to be creative and unique than copybook. He is lazy but lazy minds have the best ideas! He paints using JavaScript.



A 18 year old who likes to help people out in the clash community. He works tirelessy for the security of Clash Recruiter

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