Month: October 2019

A Recruitment Tool for Clash of Clans!

Creating Interviews!

Clash Recruiter is growing drastically nowadays! It’s been only 12 days since the bot was created and now it’s in around 60-70 servers!! Which is a good number for a newly made bot! We are really happy to see some interest showed to the bot in the clash world! So, we are planning on making…
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New Update!

Yeah, a new update to the bot! It can now be able to create ShowCases of the clan details for free to a single discord channel of a server!!! Yeah, type, cr!cshowcase <channel-name> in your server and your Clan’s details will be showcased! It’s that simple! With this ShowCase, you can now enable your Recruits…
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Upcoming Features!

More New Features! Adding `uptime` of the bot to `cr!about` command. Adding a command called, `cr!showcase` which will be used to showcase your clan’s details and all necessary information like, war details, member log, everything! Which would update itself on every 10 minutes!!!! Adding a command called, `cr!cbanner` which will be used to create a…
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