Player Check Module

A Recruitment Tool for Clash of Clans!

Player Check Module

So, here we go, as I’ve mentioned before about Alliance Module, I am planning to release it on Jan maybe coz it needs a lot of predefined structures and many changes in the current modules.

So, I came up with this idea a long time ago when I initiated this Bot. It’s the Player Checking Module

We have seen a lot of bots that shows the players’ old clans be left and joined. Yeah that’s available everywhere and that’s not what I am gonna talk about.

It’s now based on Servers the player joined and got rejected. So, I made a command called `cr!link` which would link the member of a player tag to their user id in discord. So, when a clan does an interview with a recruit, if that recruit is rejected he/she types, `cr!reject <player tag> <reason>` which would log the details of that members tag under a rejected list.

So, when someone else haves an interview with the same recruit, he checks the recruit by typing, `cr!check <player tag>` and it would display all the latest 10 records of his/her rejections in the servers! It would display the clan name, server name, ID, rejection reason and the Date and time as well !

Thank You! Clash on!!

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