Creating Interviews!

A Recruitment Tool for Clash of Clans!

Creating Interviews!

Clash Recruiter is growing drastically nowadays! It’s been only 12 days since the bot was created and now it’s in around 60-70 servers!! Which is a good number for a newly made bot!

We are really happy to see some interest showed to the bot in the clash world! So, we are planning on making this bot a complete, fully functional Recruitment Bot. Yeah, apart from Advertising, we are planning to add new features into the bot which will ensure that the recruitment process occurs! These features will help you all to get Recruits settled into a clan faster than ever!!

As we have spoken with a few leading clans’ leaders, we found that recruits get interviewed in separate channels for each recruit and they do that manually it seems. To start with, we are planning to release an update on the bot that would create recruitment channels for each recruit by commands! And they can be closed too by commands!

We are pretty sure that this feature will help almost every clan to interview faster, better and most importantly professionally!

We, Clash Recruiter’s staffs are working in the backend to make things look good in the frontend! Latest Updates of the bot will soon be sent in the server and here as well. So, stay tuned!

Join our support server if you got any doubts or queries about the bot: Discord Server

Thank You.



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