Burnt Base

A Recruitment Tool for Clash of Clans!

Burnt Base!

Clashers get ready for the newly-released, a supplemental game resource that will benefit both competitive and casual players. BurntBase is a tool that allows you to determine if your base layout has been burnt and watch videos of successful attacks.

When players are aware of their layout being burnt, they build new and better bases. When people watch new attacks, they learn, improve, and try new strategies. This cycle of new bases and attacks enriches the game by raising the level of play and increasing overall interest and participation.

Join the BurntBase family as we build bonds with individual clans and the greater Clash community that make the game we love excel and keep it exciting. Find us in the heart of what makes Clash great, clan families, community servers and forums, on YouTube, and especially in the competitive war scene. Take a screenshot and visit our site, see what we’re all about.