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A Recruitment Tool for Clash of Clans!

Creating Interviews!

Clash Recruiter is growing drastically nowadays! It’s been only 12 days since the bot was created and now it’s in around 60-70 servers!! Which is a good number for a newly made bot! We are really happy to see some interest showed to the bot in the clash world! So, we are planning on making…
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Player Check Module

So, here we go, as I’ve mentioned before about Alliance Module, I am planning to release it on Jan maybe coz it needs a lot of predefined structures and many changes in the current modules. So, I came up with this idea a long time ago when I initiated this Bot. It’s the Player Checking…
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Alliance Support

We have seen a huge number of users coming to us asking to make Alliances (Having more than 1 clan in a server) to bump their servers and make theirs popular as well! So, we have taken this suggestion into account and we are making few plans and an update to support Alliances! We are…
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Update Release 1.3

Bot is successfully updated to Version 1.3! Interview Channels The new feature that is added is the Interview Module! You can now create Interview Channels for each recruit by typing, cr!interview @recruit This will create a channel for the recruit and the recruiter to chat and the rest must be configured by the Admin by…
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New Update!

Yeah, a new update to the bot! It can now be able to create ShowCases of the clan details for free to a single discord channel of a server!!! Yeah, type, cr!cshowcase <channel-name> in your server and your Clan’s details will be showcased! It’s that simple! With this ShowCase, you can now enable your Recruits…
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Upcoming Features!

More New Features! Adding `uptime` of the bot to `cr!about` command. Adding a command called, `cr!showcase` which will be used to showcase your clan’s details and all necessary information like, war details, member log, everything! Which would update itself on every 10 minutes!!!! Adding a command called, `cr!cbanner` which will be used to create a…
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